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Fee Free 30 Day Google Trial


What is Fee Free?

What type of Business Qualifies

What type of Business Qualifies

Try Google ads for 30 days with the help of Two Google Veterans who have 15 years experience. 

We will run Google Search Ads and Google Re-marketing Ads. 

No Set Up Fee

No Agency or Management Fees for 30 days. 

You only pay for a predetermined $$ amount for good clicks and impressions from Google. 

A savings of over $2000. 

Trying to set up and manage a Google Ads Account can be confusing and time consuming. Use our expertise for no charge. If you like us, hire us for another 30 days. If you don't want to continue, No worries. 

The agreement is only for 30 days. 

No Auto Renewal. 


What type of Business Qualifies

What type of Business Qualifies

What type of Business Qualifies

The ideal business will  need to have the following systems in place: 

Conversion friendly website

Google Analytics showing fast load times

Ability to answer the phone anytime it rings. 

Willing to spend a minimum of $3000 with Google for Clicks and Impressions. 

Tracks leads and/or sales numbers daily. 


10 Businesses Will Be Chosen

What type of Business Qualifies

10 Businesses Will Be Chosen

Apply with the form below. 

After we receive your form, we will look at your website and online presence. 

You will be contacted within 2 business days. 

Details about the Fee Free 30 day Google Trial


A Business Must Meet the Basic Standards for Internet Presence and Business Operations

This includes a stable, conversion friendly web site. Ability to respond to potential clients and provide good or services in a timely and quality manner. 

$3000 minimum spend to Google

For a campaign to be successful there has to be enough market share bought to make a significant number of leads and sales flow into the business. We target a 30% to 40% impression share. If Google Shows us that $3000 will not achieve this we may require more. If more is required the business will be alerted before we begin the process. The amount spent to achieve the 30% to 40% impression share depends on the bid auction, competitors in the area and cost per click for their industry. 

The $3000 is not due up front. Google Will Deduct $350 after the business has received $350 worth of clicks. Google Will continue to do this until the total spend is at $3000. 

Money is paid directly to Google

SEFRE Agency will collect $0 from the businesses that are accepted into this program. All money will be paid directly to Google. The Businesses Credit Card or Debit Card will be entered in the Google Ads Account and Google Will withdraw the funds as the clicks are occurring. 

There is no auto renewal after the initial 30 days

The first 30 days is defined on it's own Scope of Work. 

In order for a business to continue using SEFRE they would need to agree to a new Scope of Work for SEFRE to have the right to charge the business. 

Weekly Review Meetings are Required

SEFRE and the Business that is accepted into the program will have 4 meetings in the 30 day period to review the activities, results and brainstorm. This is a requirement of the program. 

This is a Marketing Experiment conducted at a discounted price.

There are no guaranteed results. This is a risk like every marketing endeavor. The risk is reduced by running this trial with a company that has over 15 years experience. 

Although we are great at what we do and feel confident we can deliver results for the right business, we want to be sure the business understands there are no guarantees. 

Apply for the FEE Free Program

The Best Way to Try Google Ads is with a Company that has over 15 years experience.

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