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Google Adwords Management Services for Attorneys


Google Adwords for Attorneys

We have been managing Google Ads Campaigns for attorney marketing since 2005.  We are so confident in our ability to use Google Ads to help your law firm or legal practice that we don't even need a contract to keep you as a customer. 

Google Ads Management

Flexibility Options

We don't use contracts. We know business changes on a regular basis and so do your marketing needs. We are flexible about taking a month or a season off when you need too, from your campaigns. We don't believe there should be a difficult cancellation process. Our campaigns pause automatically at the end of each month. If our clients want to keep the campaign rolling they reach out to us to request a secure payment link to keep the campaign going or to get the campaign started again. We don't harass our clients about renewing every month.  Our results are so obvious without call tracking that you'll want to keep the campaign rolling. Some of our clients need a month off due the case load created by our Google Ads efforts. 

Google ads Management

Empowerment Approach - If you are a small legal practice

If you need to have control then give us a call.  We offer strategies for the DIY type of Attorney. We will teach you how to run and manage your own Google Ads campaign so you don't have to hire an agency. Attorney Marketing made simple. 

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