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Exclusivity - How does it work?

One Specialty in One Area


If we run a campaign for you in your specialty of law practice in your geographic area, we will not run another campaign in your specialty in your area.



If we run a DWI / DUI campaign for you with a target of a 10 mile radius from your office, we will not run another DWI campaign for any attorney targeting anywhere that touches your 10 mile radius.

We don't work for your Competitors


We are your Google Ads Specialists an no one else's in your area. There are no blurred lines in Loyalty. 

Can I lose Exclusivity?


You can lose your exclusivity if you go 31 days without using our services. Your area becomes available for another attorney. If no attorney steps in during that time, you are welcome to get the campaign rolling again and get the phone ringing. 

How can we do this?


The U.S. is large. There is plenty of business to go around. We are not looking to be the largest internet marketing company around.

Added Benefit


With your exclusivity, you also get a dedicated Google Ads Specialist assigned to your campaign. This person has 10+ years experience with Google Ads. Your Google Ads specialist will only manage 30 campaigns so they have plenty of time for you. Sound like a lot of campaigns? Most of our competitors have their Specialist managing three to four times this amount. 

Specialty Areas for Legal Campaigns to Choose from

Google Ads for Attorneys

Criminal Law General Campaign

For the law firms that handle all types of criminal law cases. This campaign does an even marketing spread to gain cases from all areas of Criminal Law. 

Family Law General Campaign

For the law firms that handle all types of Family Law matters. This campaigns does an even marketing spread to gain cases from all areas of Family Law. 

Divorce Campaign

Specifically for those looking to only handle divorce cases. 

Adoption Campaign

This campaign targets potential clients looking for an adoption attorney/lawyer. 

DWI/DUI Campaign

This campaign specifically targets people looking for a DWI / DUI attorney. 

Personal Injury General Campaign

This campaign encompasses all types of personal injury cases and is not limited to a specific type.  There are specific types of personal injury campaigns available. 


Auto Accident Campaign

This campaign targets the individuals looking for an attorney to help them navigate all the aspects of ensuring they are treated properly after an auto accident. 

Workers Comp Campaign

This campaign is for the law firm that wants to handle more workman's comp cases. It is very specific and works well. 

Medical Malpractice Campaign

This campaign targets the patients that believe they need an attorney to help them navigate the legal system due to medical situations causing them harm or affecting their quality of life.

Bankruptcy Campaign

This campaign will bring in calls from people considering bankruptcy as well as people who have already decided to declare bankruptcy. This type of campaign works best if there is a 24 hour answering service employed and online chat as well. 

Immigration Attorney Campaign

This campaign can be set up in a very broad way to cover all types of legal immigration services or it can be set up to focus on a specific type of immigration service.  

Probate/ Estate Planning / Wills & Trusts Campaign

This is for the Practices that provide end of life planning services. There are many synonyms for this across the country and each campaign is custom built to what your practice provides. 


Tax / IRS Campaign

This campaign is custom designed to focus on the specific type of tax services that a particular firms provides. It can encompass everything from IRS Mediation, Bank Levies, Wage Garnishments, Franchise Tax, Back Taxes, Property Tax disputes and more..... A consultation is needed to ensure we bring in the right referrals from the internet. 

Civil Litigation Attorney Campaign

A Civil Attorney Campaign is designed for not only target those people that already know they want to hire a Civil Attorney. As Civil Attorneys can approach many non criminal situations where a person feels they have been wronged this campaign is more specific to the searchers conclusion.  This is a good stand alone campaign but, also works very well when paired with other campaigns. 

Employment Law Campaign

This campaign can target the employee or the employer or both, depending on what type of clients the firm serves. 

Traffic Tickets and Moving Violations Campaign

This is for the law firms that specialize in violations committed while in a motor vehicle. Since there is a broad range of violations from Speeding, reckless, Running a stop sign etc.... This campaign can be customized to focus on a certain geographic area with a specific or broad violation target.  

Sex Crimes Campaign

Sex Crimes encompasses everything from prostitution and Rape and a myriad of charges.  This is for Criminal attorneys that want more cases or specialize in sex crimes. This campaign can be very specific to one or two crimes or be broad to encompass all different crimes in this category. 

Juvenile Crimes Campaign

This is a criminal Campaign focusing on representation of a juvenile. In many states there is a separate court for juvenile crimes and it takes a special attorney to communicate with the parents and the juvenile. and to ensure the juvenile gets a fair shake.  This is an excellent "2nd Campaign" to compliment another criminal oriented campaign. 

Google Ads for Attorneys

Juvenile / Family Court Campaign

Some states, Counties or Cities have a family court for juveniles that commit domestic offenses.  This is a very specific campaign for the right attorney and focuses on getting the juvenile and/or the family the right help and accurate representation. 

Paternity and Child Custody Campaign

There are a few attorneys that deal with paternity and child custody issues only. They don't handle divorce proceedings but, instead focus on providing legal representation for individuals that are trying to prove parenthood status or trying to settle on child support and custody issues. 

Domestic Violence and Protection Orders Campaign

This campaign is for the type of attorney that specializes in dealing with domestic violence and filing protection orders. This is a specific campaign that has a very large demand. This is a good stand alone campaign as well as being a good secondary campaign for a Divorce attorney. 

Campaign Minimum Spends

The minimum spend is designed to give Google a high enough daily budget to make the campaign work or generate web referrals daily.  The minimum spend for a campaign is determined by what other attorneys are bidding on keywords in your area as well as how much demand there is for your specific legal services.  

Often times if we go below the minimum spend the results are there but, they are weak. Ask a local agent what your minimum spend is for your type of campaign. 

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