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One on One Training


We will teach anyone on your legal staff how to set up, manage and own your own Google Ads Campaign. You get our 13 years of experience and empowerment to control your volume of new clients. 

Face to Face or Virtual


We would much prefer to come to your office and sit with you for an hour or two. We can also perform virtual training live. 

Customized for You


The training is customized to your Legal Practice's goals and area of law. This is not generic. There is no video that can replace this type of training. When we are finished with training, you'll be set up for success. 

30 days of Support


After we leave your office and your Google Ads campaign is set up for success, we will be available for support for 30 days to help you with the day to day monitoring. We don't just drop you off at school. 

Cost = $1000 / hr.


Training usually lasts 1 to 4 hours depending on the environment. Our fees are due immediately after training is completed via credit card. We do not accept checks. If there is travel involved, we may require a 50% upfront payment to cover travel expenses. 

Final Result


You won't need to hire an advertising agency ever again. You'll save thousands of dollars in fees every month by doing it yourself. The campaign will run better than if a professional in another country were trying to manage it or if an overworked employee at an agency were trying to manage it along with their other campaigns. 

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Transfer Option - 817-723-6754

You've been running with us


If you have been using our management services for a minimum of 3 months, you can request to exercise the Transfer Option. 

You feel like you can DIY Google Ads


You can choose to start performing the activities of Google Ads Management. For a $1000 fee we help you set up your own account. We then transfer all the Campaign specifics over to your account. 

Training / Empowerment


We train your or one person on your team how to manage the campaign for 1 hour. There are additional costs for training additional people how to manage your campaign. 

30 days of Support


After we are finished with the one hour training session, the person that was trained will have 30 days of phone support to ensure they don't hit any major bumps in the road. 

Cost = $1000 / hr.


After the transfer of the Google Ads Campaign is complete, this package comes with one hour of training for one individual. Each additional individual that requires training is $1000. Payment is required prior to the Transfer and Training. 

Final Result


You won't need to hire an advertising agency to manage your Google Ads ever again. You'll save thousands of dollars in fees every month by doing it yourself. You will have our support for the first 30 days. After 30 days our support is $300 per hour billed in 15 minute increments. You're free and knowledgeable! 

Call us to get started: 817-723-6754

Google Ads Tweak Option - 817-723-6754

You own your Google Ads Account


IF you have your own Google Ads Account with a live campaign, and the campaign has been running for a minimum of 3 months, you can take advantage of our Google Ads Tweak Option. 

Three Months Running


If your campaign has been running for a minimum of 3 months and you feel that it isn't working quite right, we can help. The 3 months of data along with an understanding of your practice's needs will get us started. 

Just want someone to give advice


Often times we find 10 to 50 areas that weren't addressed, missed or just done inaccurately.  Making tweaks to these areas often gets a campaign running better within one day. We know you don't need a full service solution. You just need some good advice. 

How it works


After you agree to use our Google Ads Tweak Service, and have made the payment of $750 we will set up a screen share. 

We will then view your Google Ads campaign and get viewing rights set up on your account. 

We will verbally provide the changes that you need to make to your campaign. We will also provide the changes in writing as well. 

Cost = $750


The cost of $750 covers: 

  • Screen share session (In Person is possible depending on your location)
  • Research after viewing rights have been given. 
  • Verbal Advice 
  • Written Advice
  • Follow up the next day
  • This is a 2 day service package

Final Result


Your Campaign will run better and better as the days go by. 

Call us to get Started: 


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