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Google Ads for Legal Practices


If you are our client, we don't work with other Attorney's in your target market area. 

Have an agency of your own in your area. 

No blurred lines in loyalty. 

No Contracts

Month to Month

Reduced Risk

Take a month or a week off when you need too. 

You'll feel the difference instead of having to meticulously track it. 

No 3rd Party Platforms

We provide the most intelligent and experienced Adwords Professionals. 

We don't need expensive platforms to perform artificial thinking for us. 

No additional software expenses to pass on to our clients. 

We believe what Google made is good enough. 

How we are Unique - (817) 723-6754


1 degree of separation from Google instead of 6

You deal directly with the person who is handling your google ads campaign. 

Our Google Ads Specialists are required to have a minimum of 10 years experience to work for SEFRE. 

There is no sales person to transfer information on your behalf. 

There aren't 6 different templates to fill out. 

You can text, email or call to communicate changes, vacations and other happenings in your practice and how the campaign is going. 

No Expensive Automated Platforms Needed

We go ahead and hire the intelligent, experienced people so that we don't have to use an automated platform. 

These platforms cost money and these costs would be transferred to you, but, not with us. 

No Contracts and No Additional Sites - (817) 723-6754


Month to Month

No contract

No harassment about renewing 

No long term "optimization" myth to deal with. 

Need a month off of advertising? no problem. 

You let us know if you want to keep the campaign rolling or not. We don't bug you. 


How can we do this? We provide a less risky situation and create gravity for ourselves naturally by knowing that if we don’t do a good job, you don’t see improved performance you will not renew. We are confident that your Adwords program with us will perform and deliver for you our clients don’t want their Google Ads program paused because they know the value and difference their program provides for their business.   

How it works? Your campaign automatically pauses on the 30th of each month and we don’t harass you to renew. We must receive your payment by the 30th to keep it rolling. If you want to take a week or a month off for vacation or a business trip, no problem – just let us know so we pause it. Our goal is to do a great job, build a great long-term relationship with our clients while providing a seamless stress free Google Ads program that is helping grow our clients business. 

We don't need any tracking!

We run campaigns that make the phone ring! 

The phone will ring an undeniably large number of times. You won't need phone recordings to know it. 

If you are a good closer you will see your numbers increase.

We only run campaigns that make a difference that is dramatic to your business. No weak $500 campaigns here. 

Exclusivity - (817) 723-6754


One Attorney Practice Per Area

We serve one specialty attorney at a time in any given geographic area. 

This is a competitive service we are providing. 

This alleviates conflict of interest. 

You will have your own Google Ads Agency working just for you and not your competitors. 

Minimum Advertising Budgets are Custom to your Geographic Area and Local Keyword Bid Auction activity.

 We have a minimum spend required to make you feel the difference. This is designed so that your memory, emotions, calendar and bank account will feel the difference.  We don’t run $500 campaigns that bring one call a day and leave you regretting your decision.  We want you to feel a major difference so there is no question in your mind. Our fee is 50%. Compared to our competitors this is in the middle. Some competitors use call centers overseas and only charge 30% but, it doesn’t work well or it takes 3 months to optimize due to communication issues. Some of our competitors charge 30% plus another 30 to 35% for a total of 65% for labor and for platforms so they can have each employee manage over 100 campaigns.   

That's the difference with us. We work smart and hard and do the work ourselves to ensure it is done right. 

Agency Fees

Set up fee $0

Agency fee 50% 

Agency fee discounted to 40% at a $20,000 spend

Agency fee discounted to 30% at a $60,000 + spend

Cancellation fee $0 (no contracts)

Consulting and Training - $1000 / hr. 

Exit Option - Take Over Fee - $1000

Google Ads Tweak Option - $750

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