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Google Ads for Attorneys
14 Years Experience

Google Ads Specialist Position


10 years Experience Required

At SEFRE we require 10 years Google Ads Experience. 

People Skills

We require mental versatility and excellent communication skills. Our Google Ads Specialists communicate directly with the client.  We provide some training to help you communicate in a common language and turn off the nerd talk that confuses clients. 

No Platform Needed

At SEFRE we don't believe a platform or artificial intelligence can do a better job than a well disciplined caring human. The ideal applicant must be able to manually manage campaigns to generate calls daily for our clients. 


You will report directly to the owner of SEFRE. Chris Guidry has 14 years experience teaching and managing Google Ads (formerly Adwords) campaigns. You will be working for someone that knows the system. 

No more than 30 campaigns at one time

At SEFRE we believe in serving fewer clients and doing a better job. You may have used a platform to manage over 100 campaigns before and watched the churn happen. At SEFRE we have zero churn and we intend to keep it that way by allowing you to be extremely attentive to our client's campaigns. 

No tiny campaigns

SEFRE Agency only runs campaigns that we feel 100% certain will generate leads on a daily basis. We do not take on small experimental campaigns. You will be managing larger campaigns with serious results. 

SEFRE Google Ads Agent



As an Agent of SEFRE your primary function is to obtain new clients.  You are not required to manage the relationship or the campaign in an ongoing fashion. You can call on any business owner to sell them our individualized training services. You would be calling on Legal Practices to sell them our management services.  

Visit our SEFRE Google Ads Agent Site: 


Ideal Candidate:  

-Entrepreneurial mindset 

-Experience selling Google Ads (formerly Adwords) in an agency environment.  

-Google Ads or Analytics certification is not required but, highly respected. 




-Google Ads Training

-Google Analytics Training

-Sales Training


-Residual Commission

-Hunter Role

-No Micromanagement

-Sales Support

-Simplicity in the Internet Marketing arena

-No CRM to manage

-No Quotas

-Work for a company that does one thing and does it well

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We are the opposite of every large internet marketing company. 

We do one thing and we do it well

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